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The team at Found—Space are not just here to provide you with one of Australia's best quality saunas. 

  From as soon as you discover our company, we aim to provide you with as much health and wellness guidance as we can, so you can feel better and hit your health goals when you want to. 

That's why we have created this Customer Hub - an exclusive online space where you can easily find blogs, videos, podcast episodes and downloadable resources that help you along your road to wellness, whatever that means to you. Plus, we've included links to all you need to know for using your sauna.

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moon (4) 1 Sleep Better

The foundation of wellness

Arguable the most important pillar of good health, getting a good sleep in any night should be on everyone's lists of health goals. Here are our most useful pieces of content to help you improve your sleep. 


ZenIcon1 Recover & Thrive

Relax and rejuvenate to power up again

Life demands a lot of energy. From just surviving the day-to-day to our efforts reaching for ambitious goals, it takes it out of use physically, mentally and emotionally. That's why incorporating recovery into your routine is not only enjoyable but also smart.


fitness Improve Your Fitness

Nurture your body

As our daily lives change and we age, our fitness levels and how we can improve them are constantly in flux. Here are our best resources for helping you reach your fitness and weight goals.


fire 1 Using Your Sauna

What you need to know

Your saunas is a central element of your wellness routine, so we want to make sure you're totally knowledgeable about using it and what to do if you run into any issues. And, of course our team is always available to help you with any questions you may have. 


Listen & Learn

Introducing the 'Finding Space' Podcast

Welcome to the Finding Space With Alex Tyson podcast (formerly called Sweat It Out).

On this show we celebrates the everyday people who put in the hard work to become who they want to be and do what they want to do. Those who understand that when we find compassion and intelligence within ourselves, we find success - then we can spread it to everyone we know.

From improving health to nurturing wealth, or enjoying the present to crafting your future, no aspect of life is off topic.



The Journal

Browse our blog articles

Our blog is full of info-packed articles to browse, from tips for wellness at home, stress management, sleep, fitness, nutrition, and of course - all things infrared sauna!



Watch Now

Check out our YouTube channel

Not a big fan of reading? No worries - take a look at our YouTube channel for an ever-growing library of videos about all things wellness and saunas.



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